'Inspirational porn' is offensive to people with disabilities. We are not making excuses. 

Not everyone is capable of becoming a doctor.
Not everyone is capable of becoming a teacher.
Not everyone is capable of being the Prime Minister or the President. 
Not everyone wants to collect money for charity.

All disabled people are different, there are so many different things that make people disabled. Just because someone who is disabled doesn’t become an Olympic athlete it doesn’t mean they are giving in to their disability. 

We are not defined by our disabilities. Being disabled isn’t a bad thing. Yes people who are in car accidents can learn to walk again, but that doesn’t mean that every disabled person can learn to walk again, mainly because not every disabled person can’t walk. 

But for those with chronic illnesses walking is painful, it’s dangerous, some of us would end up collapsing if we walk to far, walking makes us extremely fatigued, walking can make us sicker.

Inspiration porn is when disabled people are called inspirational or brave for doing all the things that regular people do.  It’s a problem because it assumes that anyone with a disability must have it so much worse than the rest of us.  And because it uses disabled people to make us non disabled people feel good about ourselves, or to make us do something, like exercise or whatever.  And disabled people aren’t tools, they’re people.

'The only disability in life is a bad attitude', no, the only disability in life is people who don't want to adjust the word to help those with disabilities, but want to adjust those with disabilities to the world.

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75yo creates 150ft Dragon hedge

John Brooker originally sculpted a few arches into the hedge before turning it into a dragon

A 75-year-old man said he spent 13 years crafting a “boring” hedge into a 150ft-long (45.7m) giant dragon.

John Brooker sculpted the mystical creature out of the 10ft-high (3m) privet alongside his rented farm cottage in East Rudham, Norfolk.

The topiary features bulging eyes, flaring nostrils and a crested back.

Mr Brooker said: “I was standing at my kitchen sink one day and thought the hedge was boring so decided to do something with it.”

The design could have been inspired by his time in the Far East, where John Brooker met his wife

He spends up to three days every two to three weeks trimming the fairytale design back into shape and compared the task to painting the Forth Bridge.

The retired fan maker has got through four electric hedge trimmers and has to climb a pair of 6ft-high (1.8m) stepladders to sculpt the top.

"The farmer here is horrified when he sees me perched on top of the ladders," said Mr Brooker.

'Army days'

The hedge is by a public footpath and has attracted attention from walkers but Mr Brooker is modest about his eye-catching creation.

"My wife is the gardener, I just cut the lawn and do the hedge," he said.

The hedge is trimmed back every two to three weeks as it grows at a “prolific” rate

"She was pleased though as she has something interesting to look at.

"I think the dragon came from my days in the Army. I did two tours in Malaysia so the dragon must have been in my subconscious."

His wife Pippa, a former graphic designer, helps to guide the design, which is constantly refined.

"I’ve added wings and the top was quite plain but every year I add another couple of lines for definition," he said.

"I was always told by my maths teacher that I had a good eye for drawing a curve.

"There is a sense of what is right when your hand moves. Very rarely have I cut out something I wanted to keep."


Fantastic to read about Charlotte White using Trabasack as part of the Paraorchestra performing in Qatar.

"I have been playing music for a few years, using technology; physical pieces of software and iPads. In the past i have been limited in the amount of technology that i can use at once, due to having nowhere to put it. This soon changed with the Trabba, at points during rehearsals i would have; two iPads, one mouse, and a Space Navigator all together on the Trabba. This was not previously possible. I have arthritus in my hands and the grips that hold the technology in place are great supports for my wrists. They are a similar shape to the gel aids which people often use when typing or using a mouse”


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